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About Us

The Central Otago A&P Association’s mission is to further the progress of agriculture in Central Otago, by showcasing rural excellence and respecting and celebrating our heritage and traditions in the area and primary sector, while also promoting goodwill between town and country.

In 1893 the “Central Otago Agricultural Society” was established and is regarded as its founding date. A show was held on the 1st December 1893, and almost every year since, with the exception of a few dates, due to influenza, war time, petrol costs and a change of date.

The oldest show in Central Otago is quite a tradition to hold on to. And it is only made possible with the help by our volunteers who work hard each year to put the show together and bring it to life. A membership-based organisation celebrating 125 years in 2023.

The goal of the Committee is to host a vibrant, “must be there” Annual Show Day event; promoting agriculture as an industry and a career, showcasing rural support businesses and services, providing attractions for both town and country communities and free entry and entertainment for children, providing a venue for local non-profit fundraising groups and to continue the traditional competitions and events unique to the history of Agricultural and Pastoral Shows in New Zealand.

For more information on the Royal A&P Society and other shows in the area and across New Zealand, please follow this link


Officials 2024

Patron: Geoff Clouston

President: Dayna Paterson

Vice President: Hayden Hickey

Past President: Donny MacLean

Secretary: Jennifer Huddleston


Honorary Life Members:

WHP Jannink, CV Flannery, G Clouston, B Hickey, JH Rutherford, J Dundass, D MacLean, L. Armstong, M.Maxwell, W. Donnelly, P. Huddleston,                            


Late Life Members:

P.J Kinney, T.M Flannery, R.R Hore, J. Davidson, G.C Wilson, G.R Nevill, P. Brown, E.J Naylor, 

M. Jones, W.S Hickey, D.E MacLean, J.T Clouston, W.J Rutherford, J. Jannink, L.V Ball,

E. Mawhinney, W.J Stuart, J. MacDonald, R. Jopp, S. Leask, A. Armstrong, J. McKnight,

J(Pa) Clouston, T. Duggan



Chief Sheep Steward - Sam Stevens  

Chief Horse Steward - Megan Reid &  Maureen Maxwell      

Chief Wool Steward - Hayden Hickey        

Chief Beef Cattle Steward - Rob Hall  

Home Industries - Robyn McLeod

Judges Steward - Donny MacLean                     

Points Steward - Rusty Nevill    

Woodchopping - Adam Finlay

Management Committee:

Tracy Paterson, Murray Kirk, Geoff McAtamney, Honey Naylor, Robyn McLeod, Kelly Heckler, Laura Lake, Willie Donnelly, Tom Moran, Sam Stevens, Nic McAtamney, Briar Milne, Nicola McAtamney, Jardene Morgan, Rusty Nevill, Kate Moran, Jimmy Dundass, Carol Goodlass, Harriet Jopp, Aimee Dyke, Megan Reid

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