General Rules & Information

Equestrian, Beef Cattle & Sheep Entries close on 5 February 2022. Due to COVID we will be opening up our entries in early January. 

Entries will only be accepted with proof of payment. 

All entry forms must be accompanied by the correct entry fees, otherwise they will not be accepted. We have introduced PoliPay and direct banking-we will not be accepting entries without immediate payment or proof of payment. Please contact the secretary if you require assistance. IF YOU DO NOT RECEIVE AN EMAIL IMMEDIATELY AFTERWARDS PLEASE CONTACT THE SECRETARY TO ENSURE YOUR PAYMENT AND ENTRIES HAVE GONE THROUGH.

All entry forms must include the Rider's Full Name and the Horse/Pony they will be riding, this includes online entries. ANY incomplete forms will not be confirmed. Any spelling or errors in your name will be printed in the catalogue, please double check your entries (including capitals on names etc)

Late Entries will be accepted at the discretion of the Secretary and must be paid immediately with a $15 late penalty fee.

All competitors and accompanying persons will need tickets for entry on to the ground – these tickets are in the form of your confirmation email which must be printed off and brought on the day.

Further tickets can be purchased for $6 each before 5 February 2022 OR admission for non-members to the Show Grounds is Adults $10, children under 16 years of age free.

Grazing is available at the Central Otago Racecourse. Camping fees payable directly to the secretary of the Central Otago A&P Show and MUST be paid in advance ($5/horse and $5/person). Horses not to stay overnight at the show grounds.

All SATURDAY competitors must participate in the Grand Parade or forfeit prize money. All prize money must be collected on show day before  4pm. Money is not able to be paid out after Show Day. Unclaimed prize money will be forfeited at this point. 


Central Otago A&P committee disclaimer:

The CO committee acknowledges that entrants entering in equine events deem themselves competent.

A hazard map will be located at the secretary caravan.

All entrants that fall off a horse must report to St. John ambulance that is on site.



1.All stock to be the bona fide property of the exhibitor

2.The onus of presenting exhibits to Class Stewards rests with the Exhibitor

3.Judging starts at 11am sharp on Friday and 8.00am sharp on Saturday and will not be delayed for late exhibits under any circumstances.

4.All judges are empowered to withhold the prize money in any department in which there is sufficient merit.

5.The Stewards in the various Classes are enjoined and empowered to prevent any person interfering with the Judges during adjudication, and no exhibitor or other person(other than the Judges, Stewards and Secretary),will be permitted to go inside the ring while exhibits are being judged, except in such cases as the Stewards may deem necessary.

6.All equestrian sections are run under the rules of the Royal Agricultural Society of New Zealand Inc.

7.Leased Horses – copy lease to be submitted with entry

8.Height Certificates must be carried

9.Local Boundaries for All Section; horses/ponies and riders must reside within a 30km radius of Omakau for a minimum of 60 days prior to show date. Riders may only compete at 1 show as a local.

10.No exhibit to be removed from the ground before 4pm except with the consent of 3 committee members (one to be the President). If the exhibitor does so, he/she forfeits any prize money.

11.The committee reserves to themselves the power to allot Special Prizes, of not less value for any prize money mentioned in the programme.

12.All protests to be lodged with the Secretary, accompanied with a deposit of $50 within half an hour of adjudication; and if the opinion of the Committee, such a protest be deemed frivolous, the deposit be forfeited. The decision of the Managing Committee to be final.

13.Any person infringing the Rules of the Association will be liable to be disqualified.

14.Points for all Cups in the aggregate: First 5; Second 3; Third 1; All champions 3 points; Reserve Champion 1 point

15.In the event of a tie for the Cup or trophy the winner will be the exhibitor with the greatest number of firsts.

16.The contents of this book have been carefully compiled and are believed to be correct but the Stewards and Committee will not be liable or responsible for any inaccuracy.

17. All Ponies and Horses shown in the Novice Classes must be shown in Snaffle bit only.

18. Payments are to be made at time of entry. Otherwise entries will not be accepted. Please make sure your entry fees are correct.

19.  This association endorses the use to the yellow card system.

20. All prize money must be collected on show day before 4pm. Money is not able to be paid out after Show Day.

21.Trophies will be presented on Show Day but must be returned to the Secretaries office before 4pm.

22. Clean Sport: The use of tranquilisers, stimulants, or any other drugs capable of affecting the performance of horses and ponies is forbidden – see CS in Equestrian Rulebook

23 ANY rider which has a fall from a horse on the grounds MUST report to the First Aid Station to be accessed.


In the event that numbers are high - we reserve the right to restrict entries on classes. 


The New Zealand government has announced the use of vaccine certificates in New Zealand will be mandated at large events. This will help ensure that the 2022 Central Otago A & P Show can run as planned.

Due to the Covid-19 Protection Framework, to attend the 2022 Central Otago A & P Show in any capacity you are required to be fully vaccinated, and your vaccine certificate will be scanned prior to you entering the show grounds.

This includes any person attending the show grounds, including but not limited to, guests, staff, exhibitors, entertainers, volunteers, competitors and contractors on site during delivery days.

We are following the guidelines as set out by the Ministry of Health, for more information follow this link:

Planning is well underway for the 2022 Central Otago A&P Show and we are excited about producing another quality event. We can’t wait to see you all there!